Mitchell Street Preservation Society: Jordan Anthony

Milwaukee’s rich and storied architecture is just one of the many things that make the city so unique, as it lays the foundation for the city’s soul, revealing its past and shaping its future. Frank Lloyd Wright believed “the mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.” Landlords Tom Littman and  Demitra Copoulos, both themselves artists and architects, would likely agree as they’ve spent much of their adult lives restoring and preserving the Historic Mitchell Street neighborhood of Milwaukee. One of the many buildings they’ve brought back to glory is the four-story brick building Jordan Anthony resides in (Tom and Demitra also occupy the top floor of the building in a breathtaking space they built and designed almost every inch of).

The restored brick building on historic Mitchell Street which houses Jordan and company’s apartment

A large, contemplative portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright marks their midcentury inspired loft

The spacious shared living area is well-defined with various seating areas and nooks. Pictured: Arielle and Drew

In addition to Jordan, Caressa and Birdie (both artists), and Drew (who works for Trek bikes), live in the loft, each with their own well-defined space and a bit of their personality reflected in the home– from rows of bikes to personal artwork. The four of them have a great rapport that lends itself to the comfort and ease of the house.

New and old furniture is mixed and matched, lending personality and style to the home

Blue man group. A collection of framed portraits of a 19th century chap dressed in blue, both thrifted and gifted

George Nelson inspired coffee table refurbished by Caressa

Jordan in his midcentury modern decorated living room. On the far wall hangs a large image of the Johnson Wax Building in Racine, WI designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Jordan, a musician (formerly of The Championship), also tends bar at Blackbird and serves gastropub fare at Hinterland. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s finishing up his degree in Old World Archaeology with a focus on occult practices and mystery religions at UW-Milwaukee. His studies led him to traveling abroad this past summer to numerous cities in Italy and Turkey, and a month-long stint working on the Sangro Valley Project, in Abruzzo, Italy.

Caressa’s “Real Good” red stool by Blue Dot. The stool comes flat and needs to be heated and bent into shape to reach its destined form

Jordan points out one of many ceramic pendant lamps he’s made

Though he’s only lived in the apartment for a year, he’s helped bring cohesion and a distinct style to the large space with his love of great design and midcentury modern furniture (his roommate Caressa is also a huge midcentury lover and design buff). When asked about the appeal of midcentury design, Jordan says “The lines, and the way the shapes of mid-century modern objects fill empty space provides an inherent orderliness to my often scattered lifestyle. Sometimes I just pause and look at a chair, or a plate, or what-have-you, and just smile. There is something very peaceful in good design.”

Roommate Caressa in front of the massive kitchen which was designed and built by the building owners Tom and Demitra

Empanadas from the local bakery and margarita fixins for a summer party

Adding a poster (in this case, a rad Black Angels screen print) on the side of the fridge is a great way to dress up a blank canvas

Housemates Jordan, Arielle (an honorary roommate and Drew’s girlfriend) with Drew and Caressa relaxing over summer beers

And what exactly is it that makes their home so great? “The expansive space of the apartment and its surrounding neighborhood which is situated in one of the more unique cultural/historic areas in Milwaukee,” Jordan shares. “Sometimes it feels like I’m in 3 countries at once! At times, the apartment doesn’t feel like it’s really mine. Past occupants — both commercial and residential — have left their mark in so many ways, perhaps I’m just the next in the line of succession, or something. I find myself continually reinventing the design of the space to suit the season or the personalities of the inhabitants. Change truly is the only constant here!”

A large bookshelf doubles as a wall, creating a separate, more intimate space and personal retreat for Jordan

The music nook filled with Jordan’s records and guitar. Couch was a $50 score off Facebook

Hand carved and painted bats made in Bali, from Sky High Gallery in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood

Jordan’s classroom inspired office, in his spacious L-shaped bedroom

Books in preparation for Jordan’s summer long journey abroad

Painting by Stacey Rozich

Artist and roommate Birdie’s combined bedroom and studio space

Drew’s brightly colored bedroom

The fourth bedroom, also the coziest, inhabited by Caressa

The gigantic rooftop with amazing views of the city houses numerous garden and grass beds (the latter for the building’s pups)

A roof with a view. The downtown Milwaukee skyline visible with a faint glimmer of Lake Michigan

Another view from the rooftop-Historic Mitchell Street

6 thoughts on “Mitchell Street Preservation Society: Jordan Anthony

  1. This is stunning!! I am SHOCKED at their living space. I work in the Hills Building, which is the building next to Goldmann’s (9th and Mitchell Street) and never would guessed in a million years such a cool and stylish loft existed a couple blocks down the street, above Payless! The Hills Building would be gorgeous if it were restored properly. Seeing the love and care given to your living space makes me appreciate good old Historic Mitchell Street just a little bit more.

    • Hi Pamela,

      Thanks so much for reading the post and commenting! I bet there’s so many amazing buildings like this one in your neighborhood, with nondescript outsides and breathtaking insides. There’s so much character and history to Mitchell St, hope you enjoy living there very much.


  2. Thank you again, Ghazal! This whole experience was really great. Not only will my apartment live on in internet eternity, but I also made two friends. Fantastic!!

    • Glad I got to your place before the transition to Posters of Paris. The Wright panels will live on in my heart and the internet for a while to come. Thanks again for having me over!

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