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Production designer Shivam and art director Avinash seem content with their work for Mahanati.

Avinash wasn’t born at the time when Savitri’s films were made and he found it exciting to recreate sets of that time. Production designer Shivam designed the look for the film, the colour schemes, set designs and handled dates of the cast. There were innumerable cameos by popular artistes and the dates allotted to them were very few; he tried arranging everything in one set or location in one schedule and it was quite a task. Shivam says, “Director Nag Ashwin gave me a brief and I was told that many film sets were going to be replicated. For example, Maya Bazaar has been replicated i.e a cinema within a cinema imitation was done and we also shot it. When we say ‘cut’, the entire Maya Bazaar set is seen, with the film equipment, crew and lighting. The scenes are in black and white and when you zoom out to our film, it will be in colour. We were figuring out what kind of colours we should be giving to get dark tones, be it costumes or lighting.”

All in a day’s work



Source : http://www.thehindu.com/entertainment/movies/the-art-direction-and-production-design-for-mahanati-42-sets-and-some-more/article23682155.ece

The art direction and production design for ‘Mahanati’: 42 sets and some more...
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