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Both phones are noteworthy as they're targeted at gamers. Mobile gaming is a niche, but the introduction of >Fortnite and >PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on mobile has catalyzed the market.

PUBG, especially, has some of the best controls I've seen in a mobile game, and the Android version is just as enjoyable — if not more — as its PC counterpart. The fact that the mobile version of the game is free doesn't hurt either. PUBG for PC is made by a Korean studio, but the mobile client is developed by China's Tencent. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Tencent is the studio behind >Clash of Clans.

Mobile gaming is huge in China, and Xiaomi is now catering to that market.

While mobile gaming hasn't really taken off in Western markets, there's considerable interest in the medium in Asian markets, especially China. Tencent's MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) title Honor of Kings is the world's largest-grossing mobile game, and over 70 million people play the game in China daily (the game is available in Western markets as >Arena of Valor).

The game is so addictive that it was described as a "drug", with Tencent instituting daily limits on how much younger players could play — one hour for players under the age of 12 and two hours for those aged 12 to 18.

One of the reasons the game is such a success is that it is designed primarily for mobile devices, offering simple controls and short match times. The 5v5 multiplayer mode is another reason the game caught on with a younger audience, and Xiaomi is now catering to this niche with the Black Shark gaming phone.

A simple control scheme is also the reason why PUBG is so alluring on mobile. Technically, you don't necessarily need a gaming phone to play visually-intensive titles — the Galaxy S9+ has the same chipset as Xiaomi's Black Shark, and it handles any game you throw at it with aplomb.

Even $400 devices offer a user experience that's near-identical to what you get on "traditional" flagships, and while they may not have the same grunt as the Adreno 630 GPU on the Snapdragon 845, they're more than adequate for gaming.

Source : https://www.androidcentral.com/xiaomi-black-shark-gaming-phone-state-android

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