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“Out there? That’s just something extra,” Edsall says. “If you do what you're supposed to do as a person and a student, you've got more to accomplish in life than if you do only what you can do on the football field. I want you to be a well-rounded individual. I'm not going to give in. You don’t like it right now but you're going to learn from this and you're going to be better for it. And let me say this to you: you're not the first guy. There are guys before you who listened and did what they were supposed to and never had another issue. And that's what's going to happen with you.”

The player leaves, dejected, and Edsall says, “This stuff sometimes doesn't happen at home. It sometimes doesn’t happen in the [high] schools. I always talk about being the parent away from home, and I’ve got to be the bad guy sometimes.”

There’s no breathing room under Edsall, not if one is seeking a place of relaxed standards or expectations. It is not easy and it is not for everyone. Accountability is the program’s first demand and its motto, “It’s Earned Not Given,” could have been the motto for a Glen Rock, Pa., household in the 1960s. Randy’s father, Dick Edsall, was a hammer of a disciplinarian who pushed Randy toward childhood stress issues — but also instilled the values Edsall lives by and demands.

“Shoot, most of these kids could have never lived at my house,” Edsall says. “You look back and sometimes you wonder why people do what they do, but you see where you are and see where other people are, and you're thankful you had somebody. There might have been [questionable] methods, like the long leather belt. [But in today’s world] there's a lack of accountability, and a lack of discipline. It's sad.”

Behind The Scenes With Randy Edsall
John Woike / Hartford Courant

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Behind The Scenes With Randy Edsall: Inside Look At A Football Coach Rebuilding UConn Program
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