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While the rest of the world is looking back, Pinterest is using 2016 to predict the future. They scoured data from the past 360 days to create "Pinterest 100 for 2017," a collection of trends that have become so popular they're destined to keep turning heads in 2017.

On the list? Travel trends, foodie obsessions, and these design ideas that are too good to ignore. If you have a Pinterest board dedicated to home upgrades for 2017, you're going to want to add these ASAP.

#1 Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood wasn't first spotted in 2016, but it gained lots more popularity this year. DIY projects starring the upcycled resource in particular have made waves with pinners, like this DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace project for your living room.

#2 Farmhouse Style

Move aside, shabby chic. Instead of furnishings that are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique, it'll be all about real farmhouse relics in 2017. Imagine unfinished floors, frayed rope accents and baskets that could be used for bales of hay as side tables.

#3 Danish Hygge

If you haven't heard of this trend yet, you will. Hygge is most commonly explained as the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. When it comes to design, think cozy knits, ultra-calming colors and soft touches. According to Pinterest, the number of people eager to learn Denmark's tricks increased by 285 percent in 2016.

#4 Faux Marble Wallpaper

Investing in a marble countertops may not be manageable next year (or any year), but giving your walls the luxe look of marble is totally possible thanks to this whimsical wallpaper trend. The cracks are subtle yet striking and just may fake out guests from across the room.

#5 Acrylic Decor

Picture frame-covered walls were once all the rage, but things are getting sleeker. Two acrylic sheets come together to create this eye-catching DIY frame. Art inside this clever creation will play off the paint color on the wall behind it in a whole new way.

#6 Indoor Vines

Pantone already announced "greenery" as the go-to color for next year, but there's another type of greenery that's also predicted to sweep the design scene in 2017. Saves for indoor vines climbed 260 percent since September and just keep growing, says Pinterest.

#7 Copper Accents

If your home is decked out with gilded details, consider swapping things up for copper come January to get ahead of this design trend. Pinners interested in the "new gold" increased by 90 percent in 2016.

#8 Navy is the New Black

If black was never your favorite, enter this chic color alternative. Navy is less harsh, but equally impactful, and it's popularity is up 80 percent on Pinterest.

#9 Little Updates

Room-demolishing remodels may be a thing of the past as mini home facelifts are becoming a more attractive (and affordable) option. Tweaks like adding a new DIY nightstand or swapping out your tapestries are projects growing in popularity.

#10 Woodland Nurseries

Planning on expanding your family in 2017? Cozy, woodland-themed nurseries are huge right now (up 97 percent), featuring tree wall decals and wood accents. Gender-neutral nurseries, last year's favorite, are down 90 percent.

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