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Philips Hue isn’t just a line of smart bulbs — the collection also includes a variety of complete smart lighting solutions including table lamps. Hue Go is a popular option with its portable design, while Hue Wellner trades portability for a larger and interesting design…

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Both Hue lamps cost under $100 and work with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa when used with Hue’s Smart Bridge (sold separately or included in bulb starter bundles). Hue Go currently sells for $78 while Hue Wellner goes for $88, but the pricier lamp actually offers less out-of-the-box.

Hue Go includes a built-in dimmable LED that supports both color and white light; Hue Wellner includes a replaceable Hue white ambience A19 bulb that supports different temperatures of white (cool to warm) but no colors.

Wellner’s A19/E26 bulbs do put out more light at up to 800 lumens versus Go’s 300 lumen rating, and you can add color changing to Wellner with a self-supplied Hue color and white ambience E26 bulb.

The other difference is Go is portable as its name implies. It can run on wall power or be used on battery for up to three hours. Wellner has a unique design but is wired like a traditional table lamp.

Wellner is also noticeably heftier. It’s made from glass and not plastic, weighs 3.12 pounds versus 1.98 pounds, and measures 7.6-inches H x 10.6-inches L x 10.6-inches W compared to 3.1-inches H x 5.9-inches L x 5.9-inches W. (For reference, similarly sized HomePod is 6.8-inches H and weighs 5.5-pounds.)

Overall I prefer the size and material of Wellner and appreciate its pebble-like design — especially if you never plan on moving it around — but I wish it included the color and white ambience bulb and not the white ambience bulb. Go is the better option of the two if you’re going for the most features at the best price, but Wellner is a neat option if you don’t care about portability or color without paying extra.

See an example of

very fast color changing powered by a third-party app and add-on bulb below:

Phillips Hue Wellner Table Lamp + Hue color bulb + OnSwitch app

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Philips Hue Wellner Table Lamp regularly retails for $99.99 while Hue Go Portable Light regularly retails for $79.99. Color effects powered by OnSwitch for iPhone which is free on the App Store.

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