Swimming Pool Designs With Diving Boards

Boston College Announced Plans on Thursday for a new 240,000 square-foot recreational center, athletics playing fields, and an athletics field house, that are expected to cost in the range of $200-million. Included among the facility plans are a new pool, but the team’s current captains note one glaring absence from that facility: the lack of a 3-meter diving board, which is a fundamental part of Division I college diving.

Below, the Team’s Captains have submitted an open letter to the Swimming & Diving Community, asking them to 

Dear Swimming and Diving Community,

As graduating members of the Boston College Swimming and Diving team, we are incredibly proud as we reflect on the team’s substantial progress over our four years here. Our recent success, fueled by our remarkable energy and drive to compete, suggests that our program is on the rise.

While our program has had some setbacks, including the elimination of women’s scholarships in 2012, we have been able to adapt and overcome. For example, five of the school records held by scholarship swimmers have been reclaimed over the past two years. Equally impressive on the men’s side (a program that has never received scholarship funding), all but the 500-yard freestyle record have been broken during the past three years. Diving too has displayed impressive improvement. Notably, two divers this season earned invitations to NCAA Zone I Championships for the first time since scholarships were eliminated.

As we leave the program, we reflect on the team culture and emerging leadership. We are confident that the team is headed in a direction that will make BC proud. We are concerned, however, that the plans for the new pool introduce a setback that is more challenging to overcome.

Currently, the plans for the pool are as follows:

No 3M board (ceiling is 1.66 feet shy of height requirement)

*Pool is on ground floor of multi-story complex

No separate diving well

1M board on deeper end of 8-lane, 25-yard pool

4-Lane (25-yards) community teaching pool, kept at 86 degrees Fahrenheit

We are disappointed that the developers and decision makers within the university went this far without the input of coaches and other key stakeholders. They fail to foresee the impact of their decisions. As it stands, the team will face certain competitive disadvantages for the next 50+ years:

  • Interest among talented divers will decrease significantly
  • The diving team will be forced to train for 3M events at external facilities
  • The diving team will be unable to contribute crucial points in 3M events at home meets

As we write this article, we are motivated by our confidence in the team’s significant potential, as well as by the devastation we feel after learning about the decisions that impede it. We are hopeful that with support from students, alumni, and members of the swimming and diving community, we can earn an opportunity to collaborate with facility developers to make the few changes necessary for success.

Please consider signing this petition, which details disapproval toward plans for the pool and additional aspects of the $200 million facility. We hope with enough support we can ensure an open discussion with the relevant parties. We also seek ideas that could help us get these decisions changed; if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. We appreciate any and all support we get. Thank you.


2015-2016 Team Captains

Source : https://swimswam.com/boston-colleges-success-threatened-plans-facility-lacking/

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