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SUZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Excelite, a leading designer and manufacturer of pool enclosures, today introduced the first swimming pool enclosure with a black frame to the Korean Market. It features a gable style roofing design, made from a black aluminum structure and 4 mm solid polycarbonate sheet.

Excelite’s Model G is a 24'' * 46'' (7.5 m x 14 m) swimming pool enclosure, optimized for the Korean weather. The standard design goes for $19,800 with custom options available upon request.

“Our Model G is a high profile and retractable swimming pool enclosure designed to extend the swimming season while ensuring safety and privacy,” said Sunny Sun, Excelite Marketing Manager. “Every section is fitted with wheels that make the cover slide seamlessly when opening or closing the swimming pool depending on the weather condition.”

The frame is a black extruded 6063 aluminum, with its rate of corrosion less than 0.018mm/year in sea water. Its cover is a solid polycarbonate sheet, with a transmittance of 85% to 91% that has an anti-UV protection.

In addition to these, this pool enclosure comes with a 15 year warranty and its lifespan is estimated to be over 20 years. The swimming pool enclosure can withstand a wind speed of 230km/hr. and snow weight of 900kg distributed with a 1.5m radius.

For safety and security, the Model G pool enclosure has a self-latching door locking system. The door can be on one side or the furthest end of the pool enclosure.

Excelite has adopted strict quality control (QC) procedures. This is to ensure the swimming pool enclosure conforms to the Korean safety standards and regulations, alongside the global guidelines.

Excelite Model G swimming pool enclosure comes with a detailed installation manual and maintenance guidelines.

About Excelite Plastics Ltd

For over 15 years, Excelite Plastic Ltd. has designed and manufactured hundreds of snow rated swimming pool enclosures that conform to the American and European quality standards. At the moment, Excelite has over 7 different swimming pool enclosure models with prices starting from US$2,999.

Source : http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170704005114/en/Excelite-Introduce-Black-Frame-Swimming-Pool-Enclosure

Excelite Introduce the First Black Frame Swimming Pool Enclosure to Korea Market
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