Swimming Pool Design Plans

SWIMMERS like Nkosi Dunwoody will soon be making a splash in an additional pool at the Aquatic Centre. (FILE)

BARBADIAN swimmers will soon be making strokes in a new pool.

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This was revealed to

NATION SPORT during an interview with Barbados Amateur Swimming Association president Tony Selby on Monday.

“We do need another pool and we are trying to put plans in place so that it can materialise. We already have preliminary designs done and we really want to take it forward,” he explained.

The local swimmers performed exceptionally at the recently completed 33rd edition of the CARIFTA Swimming Championships at the National Aquatic Centre in Kingston, Jamaica, capturing 30 medals; 14 gold, nine silver and seven bronze.

The pool is expected to be built on the southern side of the 50-metre pool at the Aquatic Centre.

Selby explained that these plans were inspired by the demand on the pool on any given day with the need for swimmers, water polo and artistic swimming athletes to practise.

“One of the challenges we have is that we only have one pool and of course between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. is when it’s in great demand from all the disciplines. During that time, water polo, swimming and artistic swimming is done after school has finished and athletes have to get home to do homework.

“We have a budget but it’s a little premature to say what it is at this time, but we do need that sort of facility because quite a few teams from North America in the winter months especially come down to train at our facility. Due to the fact that we have them and the three disciplines that would like to use our facilities, it is needed,” Selby said.

Olympic-sized pool


That demand was first met back in 1989 with the development of the Aquatic Centre which came with an Olympic-sized 50-metre and 25-metre pools when its doors opened on September 29 of that year.

However, as it is for the facilitation of any major project, finances are a main necessity.

“As usual there is always a challenge with finances. We are trying to see how best we can approach the right person, etcetera. We know with Government’s finances the way they are we can’t expect too much funding there, so we are looking at the private sector to see how that can be done. The original pools were both built by the private sector, anyway.

“We are hoping to bring another eight-lane 25-metre pool, that is the intention. This will allow us to have additional space for water polo and sychronised swimming as well as possibly diving,” said Selby.

The Aquatic Centre was erected on land leased by the Government by a team of passionate masters swimmers and subsidised totally by the private sector of Barbados at a cost of approximately Bds$1 500 000.

Selby said the construction of the new facility is not likely to begin this year but they are hoping to do so next year.


Source : http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/147169/swimming-pool-plans

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