Swimming Pool Design New York

"My first memory of a pool is actually linked with books," says the author of Stasiland and the Miles Franklin-awarded All That I Am. "I went to a smaller inner-city public school, Rathdowne Street Primary, and we used to walk to the Carlton Baths. For me, as a very uncoordinated kid who couldn't catch a ball, I was very happy to be gravity free and free of anything to do with hand-eye co-ordination in the water, but I was also fascinated with the idea of a pool as a place for creative contemplation or even inspiration.

Pools that inspire creativity

"As a kid, I knew already of Helen Garner and her book Monkey Grip. Inner-city baths, be they Carlton or Fitzroy, were so important in that book and I used to think that the pool was a place out of which this great writer had sprung. So pools have always been places which inspire creativity. That connection has been so strong I've just always assumed it."

Funder, 51, grew up in North Carlton, one of three children of a professor of medicine and a psychologist. She remembers a solar-heated, salt-water, in-ground pool overhung by a poisonous datura, which she recalls more lyrically as a 'tulip tree'. "We used to have long dinners under the tulip tree, around the pool, its flowers floating on the surface. We didn't even swim in it that much but it was such a nice thing to be there." 

Source : http://www.afr.com/lifestyle/home-design/take-a-dip-swimming-pool-goes-on-display-at-national-gallery-of-victoria-20170807-gxquqf

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