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Roberts, 45, recently decorated a dollhouse to look like a modern-rustic home designed by Joanna Gaines; as in, exactly like a Joanna Gaines design.

It all started when Roberts, an OBGYN who lives in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, bought an empty dollhouse from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ lifestyle brand for Target, Hearth & Hand.

 Whoa. Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

“I said, you know what, I think I’m just going to go all the way out,” she told TODAY Home. “I’m literally going to do it like a real house, like I would design a real house in Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse style.”

And, well, mission accomplished.

 Reminder: This is a dollhouse. Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

Roberts paid attention to every imaginable detail, installing exposed wooden beams, marble countertops and a subway tile accent wall.

Seriously, this kitchen would not look out of place on an episode of "Fixer Upper."

 We will never have a kitchen this nice. Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

The house even has working light fixtures, thanks to some miniature, battery-operated bulbs.

 So cozy! Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

One challenge Roberts faced while decorating the house is that most off-the-shelf dollhouse furniture is designed in a traditional Victorian style — hardly Chip and Joanna approved. So, she ended up altering or custom-building most of the decor.

 Roberts spent a little less than two months decorating her dollhouse. Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

"I would just buy basic, unfinished stock pieces and then try to change them into what I wanted," she told TODAY Home.

 The 'wooden' flooring is actually a pattern printed out on matte photo paper. Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

As much as she loves the entire house, Roberts says her favorite room is the bathroom, because it's pretty much her real-life dream bathroom.

"I would kill for that copper tub," she told TODAY Home. "I would put that in my house, that bathroom ... The tub would only fit my toe, but I literally would like to try ... Could I get in it? Is there any way I could soak in that little tub?”

 The bathroom is Roberts' favorite room in the house, followed closely by the kitchen. Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

The bathtub is actually an unfinished wooden one she found on eBay. She spray painted the exterior to make it look like vintage copper.

The tile walls look so real, but they are actually a pattern printed out on glossy photo paper to make the texture feel authentic. She created the marble top on the vanity with contact paper from Lowe’s. Brilliant!

 How? How is this a dollhouse? Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

It took less than two months for Roberts to design the house and, incredibly, she says the furniture and decorations only cost between $200 and $250 in total.

“A lot of furniture was really cheap ... I had a $10 limit for each of the items I got," she said. “And then I made a lot of the things."

In the living room, Roberts made $5 bookcases look expensive by painting them charcoal and flipping them upside down. She also reupholstered the chair in the corner using buffalo-checked fabric from Michael's.

 Chip and Jo would be so proud! Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

Roberts even created miniature versions of Chip and Joanna's lifestyle magazine, Magnolia.

How is this even real?

 Note the tiny magazines. Courtesy Kwandaa Roberts

When Roberts posted photos of the house on Instagram, she didn’t think anything would come of it.

That all changed when she saw that Joanna Gaines herself had discovered the project.

“I can’t get over this amazing dollhouse finish out?!?” Gaines wrote in her Instagram story.

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