Quirky Living Room Design

With this novel approach to furniture making, you can now design a bespoke sofa to exactly suit your home.

A furniture company based in Edinburgh has created a novel way for local residents to dream up the ideal sofa for their living room; no matter what style they may need.

An increasing number of homeowners are kicking back against mass production, and embracing bespoke style for their home furnishings.

An increasing number of homeowners are kicking back against mass production, and embracing bespoke style for their home furnishings.

A cosy tenement flat, a classic West End terrace or a sprawling detached Murrayfield manor house, Edinburgh has it all.

And according to Jane Miller, of Sofas And Stuff, the diverse range of our home city’s house styles is inspiring homeowners to take personal control of the design, fabric and style of their lounge sofa and armchairs.

“Edinburgh has such a wide variety of homes - from the elegant New Town where the drawing rooms are often very dramatic with large windows and high ceilings, to really funky, modern properties – that just buying a sofa or armchairs ‘off the peg’ often doesn’t work,” she said.

An increasing number of homeowners are kicking back against mass production, and embracing bespoke style for their home furnishings.

A bespoke sofa can be designed to exact needs

A bespoke sofa can be designed to exact needs

Traditionally regarded as an option only available to the very well-heeled few, demand is increasing among style-conscious Edinburgh property owners for sofas and armchairs that are custom-made to fit their exact style.

Some are keen to find a dramatic sofa to match the vaulted and spacious drawing rooms of New Town flats, where a typical ‘off the shelf’ three piece suite struggles to make quite the right statement.

Others are looking for a stylish contemporary one-off that gives their home a unique look – and isn’t likely to pop up on a television advert.

“Many homeowners find that being able to create your own style, choosing the right colours and fabrics and knowing you’ll have something unique that’s perfect for your home, is a much better option,” said Jane.

How to build your own sofa

Just as a made to measure outfit will fit like a glove, a bespoke sofa can be designed to exact needs with the help of their expert knowledgeable sales team.

Because size matters, Sofas And Stuff’s Jane recommends taking time to measure up your room – a sofa that’s a shade too small can appear swamped by tall New Town ceilings and intricate cornices. At the same time, a four seater corner sofa might be great for stretching out on, but could overpower many typical sized lounges.

For a classic look, consider a Chesterfield-style sofa, with button back and deep cushions. Look out for variations on the theme: modern versions of the classic Chesterfield style retain the button back look but replace the formal edges with a gently flowing shape that feels bang up to date.

Rising in popularity are cosy ‘snuggler’ chairs – supersized armchairs that are perfect for two to cuddle in, just as good for one – and over-sized corner suites, with enough space for all the family to pile on.

Colour your life

The days when lounge furnishings meant sofa and matching chairs in various shades of beige are long gone. Today’s bespoke colour charts are packed with vibrant, jewel-like shades of ruby, ultra violet and emerald.

Team with crushed velvet for an opulent ‘boudoir’ theme, stay classic with neutral shades teamed with contrasting plaid scatter cushions and footstool, or take a dramatic plunge with heavy floral patterned seat cushions against a vibrant base.

For masses of choice, Sofas And Stuff’s handmade British furniture can be covered in any of its scores of in-house fabrics, or in that ‘must have’ fabric from any of the world’s great design houses: from classics like Liberty London, Harris Tweed and Morris & Co to bold Harlequin designs that challenge and clash and Zoffany’s opulence based on centuries’ old tapestries and friezes.

Stuck for choice? Sofas And Stuff at Angle Park Terrace, Dalry, has experienced staff on hand to help with your design.

Find out more by visiting www.sofasandstuff.com

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