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This £39,000 prefabricated cabin by artist Bobby Niven and architect Iain MacLeod is designed to be easily transported on the back of a lorry.

Photograph is by Johnny Barrington

School friends Niven and MacLeod designed the small hut, known as the Artist Bothy after the Scottish name for a shelter, for artists wanting to set up studio in isolated locations. 

The compact 12.25-square-metre cabin has a footprint of just 5.5 by 3 metres. Its gabled cross-laminated timber structure is covered in sheets of russet Corten steel and Scottish larch, while a small patio wraps the corner by the entrance.

Photograph is by Johnny Barrington

Double glazing, wood-fibre insulation and a wood-burning stove mean the cabin can operate off-grid, if plugging into the mains isn't an option.

The cabin's design takes advantage of new legislation in Scotland that exempts simple hut structures from many building regulations.

Photograph is by Graham Niven

"The Artist Bothy was a dream brief, to create a flexible space that could feel connected to nature in a rural environment yet also look at home in a more urban context," said MacLeod.

"The result is a paired down vernacular form that although appears very simple is full of considered decisions to make this a unique and very functional space," he explained.

"It has also been built to dimensions designed to ease the statutory permission process for prospective owners."

Photograph is by Graham Niven

The Artist Bothy is a continuation of the Bothy Project, which Niven and MacLeod began in the Scottish Highlands back in 2011 to offer artists' residency space in the rugged, mountainous terrain that dominates the northwest of the country.


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