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It’s that time of year again. Amidst the excitement of spring weather and planning summer vacations, Tax Day has snuck up on us again. Whether you were an early bird and filed your taxes weeks ago or you’ve procrastinated and left organizing those W2s and receipts until the eleventh hour, today marks the final deadline to submit everything. Fortunately for many, the end reward is a nice tax return deposited into their bank accounts (though, as Alexa von Tobel advises, it's better to break even). But what to do with this influx of extra cash? Vogue editors have a few ideas.

Associate beauty editor Zoe Ruffner is “absolutely in love with everything Carmen d’Apollonio makes,” and is in the market for one of her sculptural ceramic lamps, while Vogue Runway director Nicole Phelps wants a Fornasetti stand to organize the mountain of umbrellas that have piled up in her apartment. Style editor Edward Barsamian envisions decorating his living room wall with a graphic Murakami print, and senior market editor Kirby Marzec would like to finally dine with the vintage Courreges silverware set that’s been haunting her Etsy shopping cart for months now.

Others prefer to invest in items of comfort. Living editor Ella Riley-Adams has her eye on plush velvet pillows from Anke Drechsel. “Just one isn't really a splurge, but their candy color and delectable softness kind of demands a stack,” she explains.

Not every splurge has to be on a sizable item: assistant editor Lilah Ramzi aims to brighten up her office desk with something small, like a floral Haford Grange paperweight, and senior fashion news writer Liana Satenstein is going the practical route with soundproof foam to catch up on a good night’s sleep.

Still find yourself uninspired to buy? On second thought, maybe it’s smarter to save.

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