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"Those guys" is really one guy at this point: former Dallas City Council member Ron Natinsky, who you may remember was part of that group hoping to sink an automated parking garage beneath the future Pacific Plaza park downtown, speaking of quixotic. He said the plot along Riverfront was more or less on loan from Cedars developer and high-speed rail investor Jack Matthews. Turns out, that land is more valuable as a transit-oriented development than a maritime museum — who knew. Said Natinsky this week, "I completely understand where he's coming from."

The ex-councilman said he's now looking at alternative venues, chief among them Fair Park — where there used to be a nice train museum, until the city sued itall the way to Frisco, and a lovely little antique car museum, until the State Fair of Texas needed the building. But Fair Park's fate is still very much a question mark, with three groups vying for control of the South Dallas gem and a vote on the council's near horizon.

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