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Decorating your home should be fun! However, if you don't iron out your design style beforehand, you can end up with a hodgepodge of colours and patterns that don't quite fit. Luckily, we've pulled together a little quiz to help give you some guidance when it comes to your decor personality. Use your gut instinct when it comes to choosing the image you like the best, and write down the letter that corresponds to the image that spoke to you.

1. Which textile do you like best? Think of how each makes you feel. Happy? Peaceful? Cozy?

2. Which sofa speaks to you? Which one would you like to sink into?

3. What's your favourite light fixture? Do you love the sparkle of a chandelier? Or the bright shine of a metal pendant?

4. What area rug do you want on your floor? What types of textures to you like under your feet?

5. What scene would you gravitate towards? What makes you happy when looking at it?

Add up how many As, Bs, Cs and Ds you have!

If you chose mostly As, your design personality is French Country!

An artful balance between earthy and chic, French Country style infuses a home with warmth and elegance. You'll gravitate toward aesthetics that are perennially fresh, have an old world sensibility, hold an edge of sophistication and carry an air of romance. 

(Credit: Elle Decor)

For your kitchen, pair detailed white cabinets with a dark floor and raw wood furniture pieces. Fill in extra wall space with delicate tiling. When it comes to accent pieces, go with woven rush chairs, copper pots and flowers in simple pottery.

(Credit: Mary McDonald Designs, Via: House Beautiful)

For your living room, mix greyed-out woods and serene colours with clean walls to attain an effortly elegant look. Add in some texture by incorporating painted wood, soft linen and layered sisal and wool area rugs. 

If you chose mostly Bs, your design personality is Transitional!

Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics and timeless design. If you're Transitional, you'll find your eye drifting toward simple — yet sophisticated — decor, straight lines or rounded profiles, neutral palettes and clean, serene atmospheres. 

(Credit: Laura Hay Designs)

For your living room, mix in dark brown woods or accents to add depth to a neutral palette of taupe, tan and vanilla. Make use of interesting textures, like ultrasuedes, and put in a simple, traditional fireplace to achieve a balance of masculine and feminine aesthetics that focus on simplicity and sophistication. 

(Credit: Laura Hay Designs)

Or, if you're not feeling that look, go for a rich wall colour offset by extremely ornate mouldings. These traditional built-ins work beautifully with contemporary globes like the spherical mirror and metallic chandelier pictured above. 

If you chose mostly Cs, your design personality is Urban Industrial!

Urban Industrial interior design is best embodied by converted, unique loft apartments that have loads of personality. If you're Urban Industrial, you'll love sleek modern spaces with brick walls, rugged wood floors, steel-framed windows, open floor plans and a sense of history.

(Credit: Chris Dorsey for Aline Preciado)

For your kitchen, pair white walls and black mullions with a concrete floor. Make use of mixed metals, cowhide rugs, industrial lighting and wood furniture with interesting lines. To complete the look and add some old-world character, hang a few pieces of black and white art. 

(Credit: Kathy Huo Home)

For your living room, fake the loft look even if you don't live in one by utilizing vertical space and industrial lighting. Concrete floors, leather furniture and accent pieces, like a ladder that leads up to your bookshelf, will help you achieve that urban aesthetic.

If you chose mostly Ds, your design personality is Traditional!

Traditional design sometimes gets a bad rap as fussy and outdated, but this style reflects classic European decor — it's timeless and classic. If you're traditional, you'll gravitate toward neutral walls and grounds, fabrics in mostly solid colours, luxe materials like silk, velvet and cashmere, paisley patterns, dark rich woods and elaborate mouldings. 

(Credit: Ralph Lauren )

For your dining room, install heavy wood paneling and look for furniture in dark, rich woods. Pair black leather chairs with crystal and silver accent pieces. Finish off the room with a traditional rug, books and layered art. Traditional can be bold in its palette, so don't be afraid to go all out!

(Credit: Model Design Inc. )

For a softer living room look, seek out a space with tall windows and a stone fireplace. Pair a glass or metal coffee table with a traditional rolled-arm sofa and tasseled pillows. Work with a simple colour palette and fill your room with double-pinch pleat drapery to complete the style. 

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