Living Room Design Grey Walls

You can tell a lot about a person based on their living room. Everything from their family size and favorite color to their special hobbies are revealed in a person’s living space. Every now and then you want to add a twist to the norm.

Maybe a pattern or a hue you’ve never tried before or a fabric that everyone else is talking about. Whatever the case may be, here are some growing trends you can check out for your own living room space.

Transfer a tropical print: Do you love Hawaii, Miami or Bora Bora? Bring that energy to your living space by transferring the print to your wall. You can accessorize your new space with fun lighting and chairs in colors such as light pink, spearmint and tan.

Try the hero pattern: Get a modern and comfortable scheme for your living room with added pattern and color with statement blinds in complementary colors. Using a fun design can add a true pick-me upper for neutral rooms. Go for orange seating, grey rug and neutral light walls.

Throw back to the 1970s: Sometimes a retro feel is ideal. And you can totally embark on the 70s look with luxe finishes, golden tones and out-there shapes. For a touched finish, add sequined cushions with disco glitter and kitsch animal ceramics.

Pack on the pattern: This simple technique will create a very unique look. Simply, layer up opulent patterns on furniture, fabrics and wallpaper.

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