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Coziness and comfort come first for her clients when designing bedrooms, Ms. Hollenbeck said.

“They want lush fabrics, and high thread count sheets are still important,” she said.

Many homeowners are also seeking personalization when it comes to linens and other materials, creating for both themselves and their guests the feel of a luxe getaway.

“Some clients want a logo or brand for their house embroidered on pillowcases or bathrobes for guests,” Ms. Hollenbeck said. “It’s a one-of-a-kind feature, and it’s also helpful for the homeowner to know which sheets go on which bed.”

Ms. Langelier explained her approach to design proceeds from the “little black dress” theory “If you have a great design foundation and great bones, you can continue to update the style with current trends, but without doing anything really major,” she said.

In the bedroom, this could mean going neutral with the bed and headboard, and then making it more striking by dressing it with different, colorful linen combinations.

Another priority for many homeowners is to add design features that hide their screens when they’re not in use.

“Most clients want a TV in their bedrooms, but they don’t necessarily want to see it,” Ms. Hollenbeck said.

Solutions include screens that drop down from the ceiling with the push of a button, or that are hidden in cabinets. For one client, Ms. Hollenbeck said, her team built a cabinet that floated in the middle of the bedroom, from which the TV came up and rotated 180 degrees so that it could be watched from the bed or from seating arrangements on the other side of the space.

Another trend with an air of timelessness is the use of metal accents in lighting fixtures and hardware to spice up otherwise understated spaces.

“Brass remains as popular as ever with savvy, on-trend designers,” Ms. Langelier said. “Once reserved for more traditional design, brass lighting and hardware has become prevalent in even the most modern and contemporary homes, adding a touch of warmth and refinement. It's no longer taboo to mix metals in a home as well, and current designs often feature brass paired with chrome, brushed nickel, or gunmetal.”

Ms. Abreu agreed that layering metal finishes like brass, as well as rose gold, nickel, and chrome, is an increasingly popular approach to enlivening homes: “From kitchens and bathrooms to living spaces and bedrooms, combining metals will add depth and interest to any space,” she said.

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