Living Room Design And Decoration

When we talk about decorating a small living room, the primary focus is usually about making the room look more spacious. The reason is that this visual enhancement of space makes the room cozier and more functional. It's all about making smart choices to let more light enter into the room. It includes picking right colors and using right scale for the size of objects that would fill the room space.

When decorating, it is difficult sometimes to achieve right functionality in a small living room when you stick with the traditional decorating ideas. For instance, the windows blinds may not be able to develop an impression of spacious room. So, you can bring ceiling-to-floor draperies. That will help in drawing attention towards the vertical space, thus making the room look quite bigger.

With that said, the living room should be a place to relax, and that would also depend upon how appropriately the room is decorated. Below are some tips that might give you an idea about small living room decoration.

Use mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can create great visual enhancement of the room. One good idea is to attach large mirror to the central wall of the room in order to create a focal point. If you want the mirror to be a light reflector, you can place mirror behind the light source. Another way to make the room quite bigger is to attach mirror with the wall opposite to the one with windows. That will not only give an illusion of another wall with windows but that will also reflect the natural light.

Make the eyeballs move upward

When we talk about the small living rooms and the ways to decorate those rooms, it's the horizontal layout of the room we often take into consideration. Now, if your living room has a higher ceiling, you can utilize this feature to make the room look more spacious by working on the ceiling and the vertical space along the walls. One way of doing so is to hang Floor-to-ceiling drapes.

You can also attach several artworks in the wall at appropriate height. That will make the visitors to look upward in order to look at the artworks at the top. The main purpose is to make the room look spacious, and these techniques are definitely going to work quite well.

Furniture that appears lightweight

While shopping for the furniture, you will need to make sure that you are buying the pieces that appear lightweight. Since it is all about the FaUx stone panelS, the perceived weight of the furniture pieces have nothing to do with the actual weight of the pieces. Factors that contribute in the developing the visual weight of the objects include color, design and, of course, size. For instance, you can choose sofa with thin armrests and small back rather than the ones that appear bigger and denser.

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