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Shyne, oh no baby, what is you doin'?! #Empire

-- Empire (@EmpireFOX) April 26, 2018

Feeling good about the deal he made with Shyne, Eddie is goes to meet him at the studio to check out a new artist. When he arrives, he realizes Shyne told Lucious about their deal.

Laughing, Shyne leaves the two titans alone together. Before he walks out, Eddie asks him why he double crossed him and Shyne says, "It's real simple. Lucious is your man 100 grand. If you'll stab him in the back that easily, what would you do to me? I'm going to stick with the devil I know."

Let the Music Play

Lucious tells his sons he needs them to knock Eddie's artists out of the number one spots with fresh new music immediately. Jamal tries to tell Lucious about his new music ideas, but his dad doesn't want to hear them. He tells Jamal what he needs now is a proven Jamal hit, not some experimental moody nonsense. Jamal tells his dad he's not feeling that, so he wants off the 20 for 20 CD.

Since both artists are under contract with Empire Entertainment, Tory and Jamal plan to secretly release music without their names or faces so Empire can't lay claim to it music.

Hakeem and Dre decide to host an old school black light party for Empire Extreme. Admission includes a free download of Hakeem's new single which knocks Tianna out of the number one spot.

Jamal shows up to the party to support Hakeem but gives Dre the cold shoulder when he tries to talk to him. At the party, Jamal catches Tory popping pills that Eddie gave her so she could record great music.

If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee

Thirsty tells Cookie that Lucious has decided the only way to get rid of Eddie is to kill him. She goes to see Lucious to remind him of his promise to be better. She thinks he blames her for Eddie taking over. He informs her he takes full responsibility for everything that has happened. They come up with a plan that doesn't involve another dead body.

Lucious and Cookie tell Eddie they know all about his dirty dealings. Including brainwashing Tianna and getting Tory strung out again.

They came with receipts! @EmpireFOX #Empire

-- lee daniels (@leedanielsent) April 26, 2018
The Lyons tells him to sign away his interest in Empire or they're going public with his dirty deeds. Eddie signs the paper, before leaving he gives Lucious and Cookie kudos for beating him at his own game.


-- Empire (@EmpireFOX) April 26, 2018

Anika's Return

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