Lighting Design Yearly Salary

The model is the Hyperion 1750, Plessey’s latest, and has a maximum light output of 1,750 micromole/s (equivalent to a 1kW SON-T, the incumbent discharge lamp technology – Plessey introduced the 1000 micromole/s Hyperion 1000 in 2017, equivalent to a 600W SON-T.

All Hyperion grow lights come in a range of standard and tailor-made spectrums – tuned for the crop to be grown.

“LEDs give off much less heat than SON-T lamps and are up to 40% more energy efficient, allowing a higher light level than would be possible using SON-T lamps,” said Plessey. “The specific wavelengths of light available with Plessey’s Hyperion grow light are proven for high-yield, year-round tomato production.”

Sterling Suffolk is a new venture, which aims to complete its greenhouse, near Ipswich, by the end of 2018. This is planned to be the first phase of an 8ha tomato growing facility.

The greenhouse will be a semi-closed design, built by Dutch firm Van der Hoeven.

Initially, 25% of the greenhouse, 1.36 Ha, will be 100% lit with Hyperion 1750s providing >200 micromole/s/m² of artificial light – Plessey will deliver the whole system including installation. “Sterling Suffolk plans to extend the area lit with LEDs in subsequent years,” said Plessey.

“We decided that 100% LED was the way forward for the lit section of the new greenhouse,” said Sterling’s projects director Richard Lewis. “Hyperion 1750 delivers the same amount of light as an equivalent 1,000W HPS, allowing us to install just five units per trellis, which reduces shading and installation costs.”

“Following successes with our Hyperion in greenhouse installations in Holland and Belgium, we are delighted that Sterling Suffolk is our first major UK customer,” said Plessey director Jonathan Barton.

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