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In the main lounge area, a shagreen-topped dining table unfolds to seat five, while another table can serve four. There is an elegant bar area, with adjustable leather stools (a hidden champagne cooler can be found in the bar) and there is full-spectrum, audio-synced lighting to create a party atmosphere. Then, through an electro-dimmable sliding glass door is a large aft lounge, which can be used as a family movie room or as a private office space with a U-shaped seating arrangement and a large desk area. The lounge can also function as an additional sleeping space, with two double beds. Further aft is the master suite and bathroom, the latter having a custom-made blue glass washbasin, large shower and a mirror-faced television integrated into the marble vanity area. “We’re creating homes in the sky,” says Dixon. “There is no reason the client’s aircraft should be any less comfortable than their own sitting room.”

Of course, as with boats, planes have their challenges. “There are strict regulations: the weight of materials, the complexity of engineering involved. Aircraft interiors are the most expensive you can build,” says Winch. But this doesn’t hold them back. “We are constantly encouraging people to push the boundaries. By applying logic, common sense and creativity, we can push everybody’s mind to develop the industry,” he says.

Next on the agenda is the creation of Halo, a behemoth of an airship that flies below 12,000 feet, making it unpressurised and allowing passengers to experience their surroundings from open-air viewing decks. Within the aircraft, there will be more than 20 bedroom suites, conference and work spaces, a spa, a cinema and a nightclub, as well as a cargo deck that can contain a boat over 50 metres in length. “Halo really is a ground-breaking project,” says Winch. “It’ll provide a completely new perspective on the world.” As we said, there really is no such thing as “just” a boat designer.

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