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Vectorworks, Inc., MA Lighting, and Robe lighting have jointly developed a new data format, General Device Type Format (GDTF), creating a unified definition for the exchange of device data between consoles, CAD, and previsualization software. Currently, most device manufacturers use a proprietary way to define luminaires. This lack of a standard requires lighting console manufacturers to support and maintain a complex web of file formats, also making it difficult for designers to leverage CAD files into consoles and link CAD software to previsualization software. GDTF creates a common data exchange language that will be the basis of a fully connected workflow. Luminaire manufacturers now have an open and universal data exchange format that can be read by any console manufacturer and be included in any CAD or previsualization software. No longer will custom, one-off interpretations of DMX values and conversions for specific control data be needed. The format is human-readable, royalty-free, and easy to implement and maintain. For Vectorworks users, devices in Vectorworks Spotlight are currently being updated to support GDTF. Updates will be released in future 2018 service packs.

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