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Yagan Square is a new civic space in Perth designed as a lively meeting place for the city’s residents. Named after the Noongar warrior Yagan, the public square has been commissioned by Perth’s Metropolitan Renewal Authority with the design referencing the wetlands previously found on the site.

A giant cylindrical LED screen from Corporate Initiatives (Ci) stands tall as the centrepiece of Yagan Square, bringing to life stories from the Whadjuk people, the traditional owners of the land. Created on a grand scale as a collaborative effort, the square has a 9-metre tall statue of Yagan presiding over the new civic space as well as a giant digital canopy featuring an LED lighting array with digital content devised by Ramus Illumination, which also curated much of the stunning imagery displayed on the huge Ci screen. Event spaces, native gardens, food outlets, bars and play areas have also been incorporated into the square.

A gigantic team effort, Yagan Square designed by Lyons Architects brought together 18 entities specialising in landscape architecture, hospitality, retail design, public art, lighting design and more, including WA builder Doric for construction, Ci for the LED screen and Ramus Illumination for the content.

The giant LED screen created by Ci for the square features a special mesh construction that allows wind to pass through, while referencing the location’s history with illuminated shafts above the screen representing wetland reeds.

Yagan Square underlines the importance of giant LED displays in a civic space. In addition to hosting mega sporting event telecasts and publicising community and cultural events, a large display screen such as the Yagan Square LED tower can also be used to tell meaningful stories.

Ci has delivered their advanced LED display technology to major projects across Australia including the Emporium screen in Melbourne, the MCG and Etihad perimeter signage, the imposing LED walls on Adelaide Festival Theatre’s new concourse, and the amazing interactive LED wall at QUT.

Consult with Ci on the most appropriate LED display technology for your project. To know more about LED display solutions, download a copy of Ci’s 18pp LED Ideas Booklet, 32pp White Paper or 47pp LED Showcase document.

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