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Orem, the Utah Valley city that took its name from a railroad man, is now putting its own stamp on the Utah Transit Authority FrontRunner station that is coming to town.

UTA pays the cost for standard canopies at stations along the FrontRunner commuter rail route, and each city pays for what are referred to as "betterments" -- special brick treatments, or other non-standard design changes or enhancements.

Orem City Councilwoman Margaret Black said the council decided on "a modest architectural design" for Orem's FrontRunner platform that will include the elements of a gable roof and arch -- elements that were part of many of the city's early historic buildings, such as schools.

"Orem is unique in that it is named after Walter C. Orem, the owner of the original railroad that came through [here]," Black said. "The simple original train station also had a gable roof line. I like the design and think it will provide a classy welcome to our city."

Train station betterments selected by the City Council, and the associated costs are: historic dormers on canopies, $37,872; decorative Orem City and elevation signs, $2,320; classic green canopy roofs, no extra charge; historic brick archways in canopies, $57,916; signature Orem streetlights (with modified height for pedestrian scale lighting), $33,849; and kiosk signs (providing information about community events), $9,000.

Mountainland Association of Governments funds for the Intermodal Center, where the station will be built, will be used to pay the majority of the $140,957 cost for the betterments. Orem will pay a 6.77 percent required match, or $9,543.

Orem transportation engineer Paul Goodrich said the Intermodal Center will be accessed from Geneva Road on a new road to be built on the south end of the Utah Valley University campus on 1000 South. The new road is scheduled to be constructed next year, he said, when the center's parking lot will also be built.

"If an 800 South I-15 interchange is built in the future, you will also be able to access the Intermodal Center from the new interchange," Goodrich said.

The platform where the first two Orem canopies will be built is under construction now. It will be located in the middle of two sets of tracks -- one for northbound trains, and one for southbound trains. UTA projects that there will be a total of four canopies on the train platform in the future.

There will be additional canopies in the Intermodal Center's parking lot for commuters awaiting bus service.

Five hundred stalls are planned for the parking lot, but Goodrich said time will tell if that number will be enough for the actual demand.

There are plans for a future building with restrooms and other services at the Intermodal Center, and Goodrich said the search is on for potential building tenants who might be interested in using the space for offices, UVU classrooms, a sandwich shop or retailers.

Orem will be working on a second betterments agreement with UTA soon, Goodrich said. The agreement will allow Orem to have windscreen photos -- see-through photographs in glass panels -- at the station.

Black said she is excited about having the glass panel etchings that will show both historic and modern pictures of Orem. The photographs will depict the city's parks, recreation, library, festivals, arts facilities and programs, university and businesses, she said.

"Riders will learn about our history and also see the current vibrant quality of life that makes Orem such a great place to live, work and play," she said.

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