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Ben-Tovim and Ryujin curated a show called Artefacts, featuring the work of 11 object makers working at the frontier of design and craft. His contribution was a small series of vessels and light fixtures called Crash, after David Cronenberg's kinky cult film of the same name (itself based on the book by J.G. Ballard). The glossy black artefacts were created from car panels salvaged from the wreckers, which Ben-Tovim sandblasted back to their raw metal state while retaining the twisted shapes, then reconfigured as objects of desire with several coats of viscous black automotive paint. They're like scrunched-up oil slicks, frozen in time. "Certain objects and materials have inherent meanings and emotions tied to them," he says. "I'm interested in playing with those associations in creating other objects with the source material."

Ryujin appropriates traditional Japanese "shinki" wood-turning techniques to create bulbous bowls and platters from silky pin oak, which she turns on a lathe and then immolates in open fires, creating shapes and textures outside the designer's control. "Very quickly, the fire takes hold and consumes the fuel that I have offered it," she says. "After spending many hours working the wood into the bowl, I then must release control to fire and let go of the shape that I have created, welcoming whatever the burning brings to the vessel." Elegant in the original form, their allure is heightened by having passed through fire.

Dale Hardiman – Common Resources

Dale Hardiman is an industrial designer whose day job as one half of the Dowel Jones brand has him supplying strict, minimal seating to some of the hippest cafés across town. He is also a design thinker with an honours degree from RMIT and a penchant for gloopy, discombobulated pieces that toy with our notions of what a chair or a chandelier and so forth can be. His Common Resources collection advances Marcel Duchamp's idea of the ready-made, the found object which by changing context takes on new meaning. But where Duchamp upturned urinals, placed them on plinths and titled them Fountain, Hardiman creates quirky assemblages from everyday objects bought at Ikea or found in the street. To unify them, he coats them in a layer of industrial grout over which he slathers gaudily coloured liquid rubber. The effect is like DIY your dad might have undertaken on a micro dose of magic mushrooms, placing Hardiman in the tradition of design provocateurs like Gaetano Pesce, Martino Gamper and Maarten Baas. Eminently collectable.

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