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71 smmM2JPL._SL1300_>Rule number one of maximizing a small kitchen: there are no dead spaces, only small imaginations.Amazon

A little kitchen — however you define it— comes with its own set of hurdles to overcome, whether you’re making Easy Mac or for some masochistic reason hosting a party of 13 for Thanksgiving dinner.

Small kitchen, big issues. But while there are some tools (like measuring cups) you can’t skimp out on to save space and avoid stress-inducing clutter, there are little kitchen hacks (like collapsible measuring cups) that work with rather than against you.

If you’re working with limited leg room or minimum countertop real estate, there are ways to make your life easier.

Utilize your walls, the insides of your cupboard doors, the dead space of too-high shelves in your fridge, and prioritize the most-used and public-friendly items for valuable countertop space.

One purchase or one 15-minute installation (I know, but hear me out) can free up space and make your kitchen feel more efficient.

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