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The Boss Update for “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” is now available for download. As an extensive update, fans were highly anticipating the release of the app update. But does it live up to expectations?

PhoneArena reports that the Boss Update comes with new features and needed improvements “Minecraft” players will surely enjoy. As previously teased, the update realizes the introduction of Add-Ons to the mobile app that is available on iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems. Add-Ons is a feature that allows players to dig into files so they can edit, remix and alter the way the game feels and plays to their liking.

According to VentureBeat, Add-Ons has been added by Mojang to maintain “Minecraft’s” appeal to its players. Since players can tailor their game to fit the unique experience they crave for, fans get what exactly it is they want and not just wait for community creators to release mods.

Speaking of how Add-Ons works, “Minecraft” senior producer James Webster recently said, “It’s really not that difficult. It’s just a matter of creating the geometries, which is just a bunch of points in space. And then adding the textures to that. It’s really simple to make these massive changes.”

Webster also added that with the introduction of Add-Ons to the game, they are hoping that this would encourage players to get super creative. “It’s a simple thing to change things, but then they can take things a step further by remixing all of these elements to come up with brand new ideas,” he quipped.

The best part about Add-Ons is the fact that it isn’t solely for one to enjoy. Players can actually share them with their family and friends by simply uploading them to Minecraft Realms, where gamers can download the world and even make changes to it.

The new “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” update also comes with Ocean Monuments. A new feature enables players to explore the depths of the bodies of water and have a closer look at the underwater inhabitants. Guardians and Elder Guardians have also been added and they are found deep in the oceans, as per Android Police.

The Boss Update for “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” is now available for download from the app stores of iOS and Android platforms. For the Windows 10 Edition, the update is available via the Microsoft Store.

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