Kitchen Ideas Ealing Opening Hours

Kitchen Dog company members Cameron Cobb, Michael Federico and Max Hartman have dreamed up a vaudevillian romp packed full of the old razzamatazz. The trio also wrote a few catchy tunes that might stick with you for a few hours after leaving the theater.

Everyone in the talented cast sings, dances, plays instruments and hams it up. Clowns twirl plungers and mug with the audience, and a drunken magician performs card tricks. A Statue of Liberty pops out of a cake. The Mount Olympus switchboard, manned by two gum-smacking operators, directs the prayers of desperate residents seeking help from the gods. This show goes to great lengths to get laughs, and it got plenty opening night.

The playwright, actor and musician Hartman, plays Sammy Mulligan and serves as ringmaster of this circus, also leading the three-piece band that accompanies the action. Thiago X. Nascimento stays in the background, capably playing the piano. Ian Ferguson is Jimmy Mulligan, among other roles, and plays guitar in the band. Ferguson is especially hilarious as a narcissistic Roman emperor. Actor Parker Gray is believable as sad sack lil’ Georgie.

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