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Prove it! calibrates a color monitor and creates industry-standard ICC/ColorSync display profiles that are recognized in virtually all design and publishing software, such as Adobe PhotoShop and Quark Xpress. When used with other color management software such as ColorBlind Matchbox or ColorBlind Professional, Prove it! offers a complete color matching system -- from scanner to screen to printer.

For automated monitor color matching in a local area network, ColorBlind Prove it! Network allows any networked computer to be set up as a network administrator to view the color and luminance characteristics of all the calibrated monitors in the network. The color administrator can then automatically set all of the monitors to a common setting, effectively color matching each of the monitors to one another. Owners of flat panel LCD displays and laptops now have an answer for accurate calibration. ColorBlind Prove it! has options built-in especially for calibrating and profiling flat panels.

More information on ColorBlind Prove it! is available on the internet at ITEC's web sites: and

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