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KOZHIKODE: Two decades ago, children used to join typewriting classes during their vacation. As time passed, they started opting for computer training. This summer, there are new trends. As you enter a training centre here, a robot welcomes you with folded hands, saying ‘Welcome to Smart Robotics’. And when you come to know they were made by Class IX students Ebel M Roy and Adhil S, you just realise how much the children as well as parents are hooked to the new technology in the state.Robotics, artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) are in demand now.

The camps provide awareness and hands-on training also in machine learning and mobile app development.The State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) research officer Narayanan Kutty said the trend shows how children and parents are adapting to the changing education and job market.

“The scope for conventional jobs is dwindling rapidly. At the same time, opportunities in future technology are growing. The parents, who have identified this change, are sending their kids to the summer classes dealing with robotics, artificial intelligence and IoT,” said Kutty.

At the camps, the organisers teach electronics, mechanics and basic robotics. In addition, they impart training in the functioning of wired and wireless robots, 3D printing and unmanned aeriel vehicles. The projects are done by using Arduino, an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software and Raspberry Pi, a tiny and affordable computer that can be used to learn programming through fun, practical projects.

Children are very much interested in robotics and coding of apps, according to Sajeesh Krishna, chief robotics engineer at Smart Robotics summer camp.“One advantage of the classes is it deviates the children from negative trends to the positive use of technology,” said Krishna. Students from Class V to engineering are attending the camps.

While private institutions and a group of engineers are conducting these camps, co-operative players like UL Education are also joining hands with Kerala Startup Mission, UL Cyberpark, Tinker Hub and Fox Maker Labs to arrange summer camps.UL Education Director T P Sethumadhavan said career trends are fast changing.

“Advanced IT and automation are acquiring momentum across the globe. It has been forecast by 2022, nine per cent of the jobs will be unknown to us. Internet will create lots of opportunities in the services sector. Digitalisation, e-commerce and advanced IT facilitate spectacular job opportunities. Innovation and technologies propel startups, which in turn will provide sustainable employment opportunities. Forty crore people in India are using internet. Smartphone users crossed 25 crore in the country. Mobile apps started replacing web portals,” he said.

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