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>Château de Villers, Allonne, Picardy

Enjoy a ‘tale as old as time’ at a French chateau so beautiful, it’s enough to make >Beauty and the Beast blush.

Alongside amazing accommodation for up to 19 guests, there’s a tennis court, games room and beautiful extensive gardens.

>Lendal Tower, York

Even Rapunzel’s locks might struggle to reach the base of the legendary Lendal Tower in York.

Up to six holidaymakers can enjoy once in a lifetime luxury accommodation and amazing views from the roof terrace – perfect for keeping an eye out for your beloved.

>Woodlands Cottage, Essex

Woodlands Cottage may not be ancient, but the fairytale holidays it offers really are timeless.

Lovely interiors, a relaxing garden and beautiful surrounding woodland create an enchanting spell of relaxation for two guests and two pets.

>Deer Park near Malton, Yorkshire

Fairytales prove that good things come in small packages, so it is with Deer Park in Yorkshire, a lovely miniature castle.

Despite its modest size, it still sleeps 10 and three pets – enough room for Snow White, her prince, all seven dwarves and a wicked stepmother.

>Château du Treuil, Poitou-Charentes

More bright and beautiful than a Disney animation, this stunning French chateau offers a holiday for the ages.

Superb accommodation is surrounded by nearly three hectares of walled gardens with statues and a mosaic tiled swimming pool.

>Knock Old Castle, Ayrshire

A stunning fairytale property with a side-order of whimsy! There are few better places to play princess than this incredible 14th Century castle.

This conversion in Scotland even has a hot-tub. Beat that, Cinderella!

>Skene House Cottage, Aberdeenshire

This particular region boasts more castles per acre than anywhere else in the UK. It’s basically a real-life Disneyworld.

But we doubt even Sleeping Beauty slept as well as guests lucky enough to experience this cute and cozy cottage annexe.

>The Courtyard near Camborne, Cornwall

This converted wing of a Grade II listed mansion offers fairytale wonder and modern comfort for up to six happy holidaymakers.

There’s even a large clock tower in the courtyard, so there’s no excuse to miss the strike of midnight!

Words: Ben Webster, cottages.com

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