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She throws elaborate theme parties, gathers a crowd at every holiday, and has multiple houseguests all year long. Who is this fun-loving gal, you ask? She's an extrovert—and being social is her jam.

If you see yourself in this description, why not run with the theme inside your home, too?

Indeed, your home should be a reflection of your outgoing personality. Here are six ways to arrange a look that dovetails with your larger-than-life style.

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1. Consider an open floor plan


Photo by Tiffany Homes 

When designing a space for an extrovert,

Drew Henry of Design Dudes in San Antonio, likes to focus on the entertaining that'll take place.

"This type of person thrives on being the center of every conversation, so the goal is to create the ultimate party house," he says.

To that end, an open kitchen and living space, with an island for people to gather around, is ideal.

Get this look: An island needs good-looking seating, such as this pair of white bar stools ($238, and a chic tray ($69, Mark & Graham) for serving drinks and appetizers.

2. Provide plenty of seating


Photo by Georgina Gibson Interior Design

Welcome your guests with extra seating, including an oversize couch and several ottomans or poufs, suggests

Alexa Battista, a Wayfair spokesperson.

Pieces that can be easily brought out and moved around nicely accommodate an extrovert's open-house policy. Add a sideboard for setting up a buffet meal or a table that expands with leaves to seat eight or more.

Get this look: A plush Chesterfield sofa ($1,110, Wayfair) seats three or four—and a few guests can perch on its rounded arms. Include a couple of colorful poufs ($146, Wayfair) which double as seating or as coffee tables when trays are placed on top.

3. Roll in a bar cart


Photo by Ruth Noble Interiors 

Nothing says "party" quite like a dedicated bar. And a bar cart, which is both old-school and trending right now, is an accessory that's available in a wide price range.

"You'll also want to include a music or sound system, a flat-screen TV, and, if possible, a fireplace as a focal point for entertaining," Henry says.

Get this look: A simple brass and glass cart ($399, West Elm) works in both traditional and contemporary homes. Add a set of nesting tables nearby to hold drinks and canapé plates ($289, Pottery Barn).

4. Put up wild wallpaper


Photo by Wallpaperdirect UK 

What kind of birds are those? A sociable sort loves a conversation piece, so consider fanciful wallpaper that'll get people talking.

"Dramatic patterns are visually stimulating and can stoke an extrovert's internal fire and outgoing personality," Battista notes.

"Eclectic bohemian decor is a good match for this person, as are materials like tiles with geometric patterns, Persian rugs, and furniture with decorative cuts," adds

Hanna Callaway, an interior designer with ExFlorit.

Get this look: This wild wallpaper is called Flights of Fancy ($236 per roll, House of Hackney), but a similarly fantastic avian look can be had for less ($60 per roll, Spoonflower).

5. Create multiple conversation spots


Photo by Von Fitz Design - More living room ideas

If you have the space, create more than one seating arrangement in your den or living room so you can max out entertaining space.

"The main focal point could be a sofa in front of a fireplace, but also include groups of chairs to allow for multiple conversation spots," Henry notes.

Sectional couches that encourage lounging will also appeal to sociable folks.

Get this look: A three-piece sectional with an ottoman is one way to go ($802, And choose side tables with drawers or lower shelves to store board games and cards, or one with a lift-top for expanded surface area ($159, Macy's).

6. Paint a bold shade


Photo by Kimball Starr Interior Design - Search bedroom design ideas

"Color can soothe and energize," says 

Paul Miller of MakeNest Interiors, "so get to know a bit about color theory and then decide."

For instance, red, orange, and yellow tend to invigorate, while blue, green, and violet are calming shades.

"Orange and red tones are vibrant, so they'll capture the attention of those with an extroverted personality," notes 

Misty Yeomans, senior color marketing manager at PPG paints. Gold accents pair well with these hues, she adds.

More important than the color, however, is the level of saturation or how light or dark it is.

"A light yellow can be quiet, while a green that's intense and vivid can be energetic or even irksome," Miller notes, so make sure you know which kind of vibe you're looking for before you pull out the paintbrushes.

Can't commit to a full wall of tangerine? Go with bright pops of color in the form of pillows, rugs, lamp hades, or other accessories.

Get this look: An accent wall in Benjamin Moore's Bryce Canyon, above, definitely says "look at me.".Or satisfy your color desire on a smaller scale with a Le Creuset dutch oven in flame ($425, Macy's).

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