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dan counsell real mac founder
Dan Counsell, the founder and director of RealMac software
London-based RealMac software is on a tear right now.

The software company is less than 24 hours into its latest release, Clear, the gorgeous to-do list app for Mac, and things couldn't be going any smoother.

Clear for Mac skyrocketed to the top of Apple's Mac App store. It's currently at the number two spot, behind Apple's latest operating system Mountain Lion. And while this is an impressive achievement, it doesn't come without hard work.

>Click here for a photo tour of Clear for Mac >

Clear's goal is to make your life easier without adding clutter, and to that the app certainly beats expectations. Clear for iPhone has been around since January, and the app has racked up 600,000 paid downloads. One of the reasons Clear for iPhone was so well received is because of its impressive design.

The iPhone app has been updated, along with the release of the Mac app to fix small flaws and add iCloud support that lets you sync tasks between all your Apple devices.

Dan Counsell, the founder and director of RealMac software, wants Clear to become part of pop culture and with the app's distinctive look and feel, Counsell thinks the company is well on its way to achieving that.

The following is a lightly edited conversation we had with Counsell.

Business Insider: What is Clear's goal? What is the vision for the app?

Dan Counsell: We want to keep Clear simple, uncluttered and focused. We want it to become so ubiquitous that when people get a new device it's one of the first apps they download, just like Twitter or Instagram. We want it to become part of pop culture, and with Clear's distinctive look and feel we think we're well on our way to achieving that.

BI: Where do you see Clear in a year?

DC: I can tell you that the future of Clear is already meticulously mapped out and we have some truly amazing things planned for the next 12 months.

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