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Telluride, Colorado, may be best known for its ski mountain, which is famous for having some of the best terrain of all North American resorts. But the nearly 9000-ft.-high town is a hot spot in the summer, too, when it hosts a number of music, film, and yoga festivals that draw tens of thousands of visitors. The population of permanent residents is well under 2500 people, though, and the town gets very sleepy very quickly without snow or other entertainment to draw tourists. This is when the village—a charming, former mining town—best reveals its well-preserved history. Telluride’s 80-acre historic district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1961.

Not only is this lot set square within Telluride’s historic district—so that the plans were subject to evaluation by an architectural review commission known for high standards and great expectations—but the site itself is nonconforming. Though it was once approved for a home, it’s smaller than the allowable minimum size for a new build today. Plus, the lot is located in a flood zone. Architect David Arkin had his work cut out for him when he began designing a new home for returning clients Bernie and Erica Tershy and their three children, a modern family with a very active lifestyle.

“We have a rule that good ideas can come from anywhere,” said David Arkin while reflecting on the project, “We listened to the review committee and the neighbors, and in the end, the limitations turned out to be our friends.” The design was approved by the architectural review commission at the second hearing and offers a compelling balance of traditional forms and new concepts with lots of inspirational ideas for anyone drawn to historic homes or modern architecture.

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