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Reporter: Jonathan Hardison
New Media Producer: Rachel Chambliss

A consumer alert: Police believe they have busted a home improvement scam. The case involves $25,000 taken from customers.

Forty-year-old Larry Foster and 63-year-old Bill Frost of Evansville were arrested Tuesday and charged with multiple counts of theft and home improvement fraud. These charges stem from an alleged scheme the two men were running to sell a legitimate product; then, they would take advantage of the customer's trust.

Indiana State Police say the two men used to work out of a building for a company called Ohio Valley Environmental Resources, a company that closed, but the two men kept using that name.

They went around selling water purification systems in Pike County and offering to finance the purchase through another company. Customers have no complaints about the water systems, but the problem came when, police say, Foster came back weeks or months later offering a $300 to $500 rebate if the customers would pay off the remaining $2,100 on their bill.

Sgt. Todd Ringle says, "Many of these individuals took advantage of that. But this door-to-door salesmen was able to convince them to write him the check, and he promised that he would take care of it, and he did not. And, unfortunately, these individuals never did get their rebate."

Not only that, but the financing company called the customers back a few months later to ask why they weren't making payments. Now, those customers will still have to pay their bill, again.

Police know of at least 11 victims of this scheme so far, but there may be others in the Henderson and southern Illinois areas. If you think you were a victim of this scam, please call Indiana State Police.

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