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In a world of DIY stores, YouTube instructional videos and Pinterest boards, people often think they can install or build anything, without help. While I am a big fan of saving money and learning new skills, it would be considered crazy to build a home without construction plans. When it comes to landscaping, why do homeowners often "dig in" without any plans in hand?

* * *

During 23 years of marriage, three different homes and years trying to put in landscaping, my husband and I have learned a lot about our own limitations and the value of an outside design opinion. Our first home in Provo, on the river trail of Geneva and Center Street, taught us about DIY hydro seeding and the damage a few loose cows, walking your neighborhood, can do to a freshly soaked lawn.

Our second home was a traditional brick two-story in a wonderful North Salt Lake neighborhood. After the stress of putting in that first yard in Provo, we vowed we would NEVER do it on our own again! We visited a local nursery, and for a small fee, we hired a designer to come and walk through our yard. She helped us make a plan. It was great. The garden ended up in a totally different area of the yard than we had originally planned, because of her advice. With those very rough sketches and a plant list, we hired landscapers to install our yard. It turned out great.

We are now in our third house. We moved into our simple Lehi craftsman style home two days before Thanksgiving 2013. While new construction brings landscaping needs, this time around feels more complicated with slope questions and financial stressors. Questions have come up about which water-sensitive plants work best in our climate and how to use more modern design ideas. Past landscaping projects had already proven the value in having a third-party advisor help us save money and stay on budget.

Searching every Pinterest board that included the words “modern” or “landscaping” left me feeling more confused. I dreamed of a landscaping genie who could come and magically wave his yard wand, and poof, it would appear.

* * *

Did such a landscaping designer genius really exist? Yes.

The story of how Jayson King and his successful Utah-based design studio came to be, is almost as inspiring as his thousands of custom landscaping designs.

I met King, principal owner of Landform Design Group, in the stylish, urban Salt Lake City corporate office of Landform Design Group. Instantly, King’s vision and great sense of style were apparent. This talented Utah native has worked to revolutionize the landscaping industry.

Landform Design Group (LFDG) was born from King’s own childhood memories of growing up working in his father’s nursery. Landscaping and plant know-how was not only the family business but also became King’s passion. He enrolled in a landscape architectural degree program at Utah State University, graduating in 2001.

King then moved to DTJ Design in Boulder, Colorado, where he worked until 2003 gaining experience on large commercial projects and resorts. Even though the professional development was expansive, it was here Jayson realized he was missing something -- the finished product. Even with the amazing experience designing for DTJ, King realized it was the completed yards that brought him the greatest joy and satisfaction. He didn't want to just design yards, he wanted to see them born.

Landform Design Group was launched at the end of 2003 when King moved back to Utah and created the boutique landscaping design center with full-service project management for all landscaping needs, large or small. Landform Design serves clients with multi-million dollar estates to small residential homes that need yard face lifts.

I have definitely found my landscape designer genie.

* * *

Over the past decade, LFDG has perfected a seamless system of services. The studio will help clients create a clear design approach. For the client who has an older home, with a yard that needs more work than just a pair of hedge clippers, an outside designer may be essential. But it is intimidating to work with fancy landscape architects’ plans. LFDG will help you take your property beyond plants and grass so your space is livable.

King says that LFDG will help you think. He likes to say it is his job to know the answers -- sometimes even before the client knows the questions. “We see the soul of a space; its potential, its promise, its place in your everyday life. And our one-of-a-kind process [helps this happen].”

The feel at LFDG’s downtown studio is comfortable yet contemporary. You get a sense when you meet with King that you are his only concern; it is a boutique experience, like searching for that one special gift, verses a big box store shopping trip. Even among King’s long list of “high-end” commercial and full-designed and managed residential projects, I never felt like I had to have a big budget for him to take me seriously. He shows the same personalized professionalism and respect to all his clients; no matter the price tag.

King has 20 years of construction management experience, so you get a lot when you work with LFDG. With 12 years of commitment to the profession of landscape architecture, King is able to create a seamless connection between the design and the build environment, while also leading a collaborative team to bring clients distinctive landscapes and memorable environments for LDFG.

* * *

After hearing King’s story and his vision for the future of LDFG, I knew I had found my landscaping genie. He listened to both mine and my husband’s thoughts. Sometimes a husband and wife will see the same space very differently, so meeting with a designer provides a third party perspective that can help create a cohesive plan before the first shovel hits the dirt. The LDFG team listens to the client and then they come to your home so the site can “speak” to them as well. After our initial meeting with King, we were confident we had come to the right place.

LDFG has three custom packages that will fit within differing client’s dreams and budgets. The process has been perfected since 2003 and can provide you with a real lifestyle plan all the way through a fully managed completed project.

The questions often asked by clients when meeting with King include, Can we do the work ourselves? Can we finish it in phases? Can you we limit the budget -- to add things later? Can LDFG take care of everything?

The answer to these questions, and the millions more that come with landscaping and design, are all YES!!!

I am not sure what the future holds for our empty, Lehi yard but I am excited to see what King dreams up. Building a home without a plan would be crazy, so we won’t be going it alone while we build our yard. With a tight budget and big dreams, a plan is a must.

Take this everyday faith journey with me into the world of plants and grass. See what King creates, in the coming weeks. Things don’t always go as planned, but at least with a plan I know my dreams of an environmentally friendly, modern landscape design are now more of a possibility.

Isn’t that really what everyday faith is about -- hope? With help from great designers like King we have more than hope, it is a real possibility.

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