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Use these applications by Interior Design Degree.net to learn about design, as well as test out ideas in virtual rooms. These iPad apps can help you complete assignments and more.

1. >Home Interior Ideas HD: Sort ideas for home interior design by room in the house. A great way to customise your ideas, and watch your vision come to life. Cost: $1.99

2. >Interior 2011 – Sweet Home (HD): Look at different ideas for different rooms. Also includes a look at restaurants and cafes, as well as pool ideas. Cost. $0.99

3. >Dream home HD: Try out different plans for different rooms. Good way to try out new ideas, and learn more about the elements of interior design. Cost: $4.99

4. >Houzz: You can use this for a great idea for home design. Try out different design elements, and create a design idea book. Cost: Free

5. >iHome HD (free): You can look at different pictures and ideas, and find inspiration. Cost: Free, with more for the full version

6. >Remodelista: Perfect for the interior design student who is learning about remodeling. You can plan projects, and consider ways to refresh any space. Cost: $2.99

7. >AutoCAD WS: Helpful AutoCAD app that can provide you the ability to design and draw, and try your own designs. Cost: Free

8. >Phaidon Design Classics: Take a look at design classics. It’s not just about interior design; this app contains a number of other products. Excellent examples of good design. Cost: $19.99

Colour and Sketchbook Apps

You can make use of these iPad apps to help you sort out colour and learn how to complement different items. You can also use different apps for sketching.

9. >Color Wheel: An application that allows you to experiment with different colour schemes. Cost: $0.99

10. >Peppermint, NCS Color: Find out which colours go great together. Adjust shades, and get ideas of what colour themes you might want to incorporate. Cost: $3.99

11. >Quill: This vector drawing iPad app can help you quickly put your ideas down, giving them life. Cost: $0.99

12. >Freeform: Great for capturing ideas quickly and easily and for experimenting with colour. Cost: $9.99

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Top 25 iPad apps for interior design students
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