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By Don Ricardo Massenburg, Jr., writer for New Homes & Ideas

Wouldn’t you love to live in the house where everyone slows down and says “Wow!” when they drive by? Well, here are some unique design trends that builders are offering to buyers who are designing their new homes. These trends are also awesome updates for homeowners who are looking to upgrade an existing space and add a bit of wow!

Curb appeal

Liven up the neutral look of the exterior elevation of the home by using multiple textures. Mixing multiple exterior surfaces such as lap siding and cedar shanks, along with stone or brick accents can give a home a boost of dimension, add visual interest and a pop of personality. Multiple textures can help create a focal point or place emphasis on a part of the home’s façade.

Go big!

Larger exterior doors are still trending right now. Builders are installing entryway doors that are eight and even nine feet tall. Doors are also getting wider. Buyers want homes that are connected with their surroundings and larger doors provide a perfect way to bring the outdoors in.  A cool way to make your home unique is by going with a stand-out color for the entry door. Doors in deep rich shades of blue are making appearances in entry ways.  A quick update with paint can easily add a bit of visual drama and sophistication to a stock grade door.

Photo courtesy of Homes By Dickerson

Garage door glam!

Garage doors are getting the spotlight! Garage doors can make up a large portion of your home's exterior design and if your garage faces the street, the doors may be the first thing visitors see. Let’s make a good first impression! The cookie-cutter white garage door may be a thing of the past. Because they used to be designed to be unnoticeable, and to blend in with the rest of the home, many garage doors were a dull color. Fast forward to now, garage doors are being painted in darker, bold colors and are in some cases being made the centerpiece of the exterior of the home. Garage doors are also getting smarter. The doors are now able to be controlled from a smart phone or smart watch, and some doors can sense your car approaching and open right up. Wooden garage doors are also making a comeback as they bring that cozy and warm feeling to a home.

Tile talk

The ever-popular white cabinets with white or gray subway tile trend in kitchens will continue. Homeowners love the clean and classic look of subway tile and they are easy to maintain. However, those small subway tiles, which are typically 3” x 6” in size are growing. Buyers who want something a little different are going for tiles in larger sizes of 4″x 8″ or even 4″x 12″. Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines and less maintenance.

Consider Quartz

The countertop is one of the most essential components of the kitchen. It is the foundation of kitchen décor and sets the tone and feel of the space. Once considered a high-end alternative to granite, quartz is now becoming a top choice due to its beauty, durability and low maintenance. Unlike granite, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed every year. The main reason is because quartz is non-porous and super tough. Buyers are looking for more character in their countertops, and materials like quartz are being designed to resemble slabs of natural stone. This involves creating veins in interesting patterns swirled into the slabs. Quartz can also be mixed to create infinite color options. This added boost to the creative personality of your kitchen will wow your guests.

Photo Courtesy of Splash Galleries

Fix those fixtures!

When you ponder kitchen or bath design, most of us think about cabinets or counter tops first, but fixtures are now becoming a main focal point. According to Erica Greenwold Reisen, Marketing Manager for Splash Galleries Kitchen and Bath Showroom in Raleigh, "Kitchen and bath fixtures are integral to the overall design of a home and are often treated as an afterthought when they could be statement pieces!" Consumers are venturing into different finishes and colors for fixtures. Chrome and brushed nickel are beautiful classics, but other finishes like pewter are now in demand. Color is not just being added to faucets and fixtures but to sinks as well, says Lauren Phillips, Showroom Manager at Splash Galleries. Also, tech savvy bath fixtures are here, and according to Phillips, “You can pretty much function your whole bathroom by using your phone.” Phillips describes products such as shower valve controls that connect to your phone and are compatible with Alexa. From your phone you can turn on the shower and control its steam settings. The future is here!

Make it your own!

A definite way to make your bathroom unique, is to have fixtures installed to meet your specific needs. This personalization can be done to tubs where jets and grab bars can be positioned where the homeowner desires. In addition, steam showers can be customized to meet requirements for those who have asthma or allergies.

Hit the floor

Add a little style to flooring by utilizing bold colored geometrics and unique patterns. Reminiscent of parquet flooring, wood plank tiles laid out in chevron or herringbone pattern designs have become a popular choice for floors. Because dark wood is notorious for showing scratches, dirt, and imperfections, gray wood floors are becoming increasingly common as well. They provide a unique, clean look that brightens a space.

Go custom

Another surefire way to make your home unique and personal, is to go with a custom builder and get involved in the design process from formation to completion. We spoke with Pam Craig V.P. of Design at Homes by Dickerson, a Raleigh custom builder that has been in the area since 1975. Pam explains that the design process is extremely hands on and starts with a meeting where the homeowner is encouraged to bring photos of interior details that they like so that the personal design team can better understand what they want. From there, the design team along with the new homeowner works room by room, throughout the home. Pam says, “Our goal is to allow our clients the freedom to express their unique personality in their home.” Over the years, Homes by Dickerson has built custom details such as a doggie “apartment” under a stairway, a basement basketball court, elevators and ramps for clients with special needs, and insulated walls for music rooms. After being involved in your home project so closely, you would unquestionably walk inside, and feel right at home.

As always, stick with what you love and what works for you and your family, but don’t be afraid to take risks try new things as design trends come and go.

Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr., owns DESiGN iNKREDiBLE LLC, a Durham, NC based interior design company which offers residential and commercial interior styling services, custom headboards and window treatments. Ricardo’s portfolio of bright bold interior projects can be seen on his website at www.designinkredible.com and also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @designinkredible.

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