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A MINI LIVING exhibition explores possibilities for urban housing, suggesting that developers and city dwellers work together on designing subdivided and communal spaces

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 20 april 2018

MINI LIVING collaborated with London-based Studiomama to create an exhibition that challenges the status quo of standardized housing. “BUILT BY ALL” is MINI LIVING’s third installation created for Salone del Mobile in Milan exploring the future possibilities of urban housing.

The idea proposed by BUILT BY ALL is to look at existing unused industrial, retail and office sites as potential spaces for co-living. Instead of stripping these spaces down and subdividing them with walls to create individual cookie cutter units, BUILT BY ALL proposes keeping the spaces open and instead inserting shared and private modular living units.

Four different living space concepts are presented in the exhibition. Each shows a different utilization of space and configuration of elements based on the needs of the individual resident. MINI LIVING sees the benefits of involving residents in the planning of their spaces to an increase in their quality of life. Their home is more defined by them than it is by a developer or architect.

BUILT BY ALL is staged in an open space, showing the interplay of design personalities of the different living units. The system takes advantage of existing building elements, like support columns, to help form the structure of the micro neighborhood.

The shared living aspect of the project is represented in several common spaces. There’s a communal kitchen and dining table, fitness area and atrium.

BUILT BY ALL is highly conceptual in execution but not as an idea. MINI LIVING is already working on a real world version of this project. A former paint factory in Shanghai is being renovated with over 50 co-living apartments sharing communal and public spaces. As with the BUILT BY ALL installation, the future residents in Shanghai are helping to co-create their new living spaces.

MINI LIVING Studiomama

Source : https://www.psfk.com/2018/04/mini-shared-living-concept-residents-architects-co-create-space.html

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