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, an engineering software developer, has released two new software platforms designed to assist industry players using metal additive manufacturing technology.

The >Additive Suite

and >Additive Print

programs represent ANSYS’ first outright additive manufacturing products to be brought to market, the company continuing its increasing interest in the AM sector. It follows the acquisition of >3DSIM

, which ANSYS announced in November at last year's 

formnext powered by TCT event.

By offering the two additive platforms, ANSYS is enabling customers to complex metal parts after analysing microstructure properties and behaviours before the component is printed. Limiting constraints in the design process, users can benefit from reduced cost, waste and labour.

ANSYS Additive Print helps to inform users what will occur during the printing process, whether the part will fail and why, how and exactly where it will fail, enabling the operator to react prior to the print’s build. Meanwhile, ANSYS Additive Suite promises a ‘complete workflow solution.’ Designers can optimise weight reduction and lattice density inside this program, as well as create, repair and clean up CAD geometry, simulate the additive process and conduct structural and thermal analysis for data validation.

“ANSYS is committed to transforming how products are made through additive manufacturing by delivering the most powerful, complete solution in the space,” commented Brent Stucker, director of additive manufacturing, ANSYS. “The possibilities are endless. Our technology spurs the efficient creation of parts for some of the world’s most demanding applications, including military machines on foreign soil, spacecraft on other planets and even custom-printed human body parts at hospitals.”

Jordan Noone, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Relativity Space, a customer of ANSYS, added: “ANSYS empowers us to reimagine how we build and fly rockets. We’re using additive manufacturing to build the world’s largest 3D printer and we’re using that printer to 3D print a rocket. With ANSYS’ streamlined additive manufacturing solutions, we iterate designs 10x faster and with 100x fewer parts – we’re innovating in ways that many thought were impossible.”

Source : https://www.tctmagazine.com/3d-software-news/ansys-additive-suite-additive-print-simulation-software/

ANSYS releases Additive Suite and Additive Print simulation software platforms
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