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It’s hard to let go of the past. You can especially tell how someone is at letting go of things by how they decorate their home. Unfortunately, keeping a lot of your old furniture and decor can seriously make your home appear outdated. Does your home posses any of the following outdated design trends?

1. Wicker furniture

Wicker inside is pretty outdated. | iStock/Getty Images

Don’t worry, wicker furniture outdoors (especially poolside) is still acceptable. But Wicker inside is now dating your home. “Saturating your interiors with wicker furniture as the world did in the 80s and 90s is no longer necessary,” says Elle Decor. Instead, they suggest swapping your wicker furniture for a brightly colored sofa.

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2. Pastel porcelain

bathroom Who thought this was a good idea? | Piovesempre/iStock/Getty Images

Fox News says to “just say no” to the “bathroom rainbow.”

“Toilets should not be red or pink or black or blue or green. This should go without saying, but neither should your sink or bathtub. Think white. If not white, think bisque,” advises the site.

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3. Popcorn ceilings

White popcorn ceiling wall It’s a tough job to remove. | DarroS/iStock/Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine a time when this ceiling style was ever “in.” But between the 50s and 80s, these cottage cheese ceilings were quite popular. Zillow says you can get rid of your popcorn ceilings by softening them with water and then scraping off the texture with a putty knife. “It’s a messy job and one you may want to leave to a pro since the earliest versions of these ceilings contained asbestos,” warns the publication.

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4. Plaid

Red Plaid couch with wooden wall Skip the plaid look. | JuliaLototskaya/iStock/Getty Images

Some plaid in your son’s room isn’t the worst thing in the world. But plaid furniture and plaid wallpaper in, say, the living room? That’s got to go. “We certainly don’t miss this look, which made you feel like you were in a plaid kaleidoscope. As with many other items on this list, sticking to small doses is key,” says Elle Decor.

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5. Lace

Daffodils and Hyacinth with Lace table cloth It can seriously age your home. | Sue_D_L_Smith/iStock/Getty Images

In small doses, lace can still work, especially if you’re going for an antique look. But overdoing it with lace can seriously age your home. Elle Decor lists lace table cloths and lace doilies (especially when paired with a floral tablecloth) as two outdate items in home decor.

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6. Fake fruit

Fake grapes in bowl Even worse than fake flowers. | MayerKleinostheim/iStock/Getty Images

Fake fruit may even be worse than fake flowers. Design nowadays is more functional than ever, and waxy, fake fruit doesn’t serve much of a purpose. If you want the look of having fruit as decor, keep real fruit around. Put it in a bowl and leave it on display as opposed to the produce drawer of your refrigerator.

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7. Ruffled bed skirts

Dated bedroom with ruffle bed skirt They’re very 80s. | krblokhin/iStock/Getty Images

“Granted, just about everything in the 80s was ruffled, from curtains to skirts. But the ruffled bedskirts? That’s true turn-of-the-century fashion. Now, beds tend to opt for minimalist, chic bedskirts — or none at all,” says Elle Decor. Instead of shopping for the right bed skirt, put more of an emphasis on searching for the right bed frame.

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