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Tiny homes are essentially modern versions of caravans, as many can be moved or at least have the ability to be moved, on the back of a trailer. Caravans have been the home of choice for grey nomads and long-term travellers for decades, but what’s different here is that a broader range of people is now seeing tiny homes as a permanent compact home option.

It’s more about changing the way we live, our reliance on connected services and “stuff”, as well as combating the ongoing costs of living. Of course it’s also about stylish aesthetics, decluttering and finding clever ways to fit a whole house into less than 40sqm (the loose definition of a tiny home).

Tiny homes range in size from just 7sqm to 40sqm, compared to the average new-built Australian house, which is 231sqm in total size.

While the movement is huge in the US and other parts of the world, and rapidly growing in Brisbane and Melbourne, it is also starting to take hold in South Australia.

Michael Lamprell, a local founder/designer of Cabn, and Carrackalinga couple Brian and Dawn Kilgallon are some of the South Australians who have built custom-made tiny homes that not only look fabulous and inviting, but the public can stay in.


Cabn Jude can be rented for $190 a night in the Adelaide Hills.

Cabn Jude can be rented for $190 a night in the Adelaide Hills.Source:Supplied

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Tiny home movement gains momentum in South Australia
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