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Last year, mobile accessory company Anker released its first portable projector, the Nebula Mars. It was roughly the size of a lunch box, with powerful JBL speakers, great video quality, and Android built-in. The hardware was great, but the ancient version of Android (4.4.4, to be precise), lack of Play Store support, and high price made the product hard to recommend.

Not long after, Anker announced a smaller version, called the Nebula Capsule. It's roughly the size of a soda can, and works as both a projector and a Bluetooth speaker. It's almost certainly the best portable projector you can buy, but it commands a high price.


Projection image size Up to 20-100 inches
Projection brightness 500 Standard Lumens (100 ANSI Lumens)
Lamp life 30,000 hours
CPU Qualcomm 212
Storage 8GB (with USB-OTG support)
Resolution 854x480
Battery 5,200mAh
Software Android 7.1.2
Dimensions 67.8 x 119.8 mm (2.67 x 4.72 in)
Price $349.99

The Good

Design It feels well-built, and is small enough to take anywhere.
Battery The Capsule should last around four hours on a single charge, or 30 hours in Bluetooth speaker mode.
Software It runs Android 7.1 Nougat, so you can run plenty of apps.

The Not So Good

Brightness This is a problem with all pico projectors, but the Capsule isn't very bright.
Software No Google Play Store, and most apps don't have a TV interface.
Cost $349 is a lot for a portable projector, even one as good as the Capsule.

Design and hardware


As mentioned above, the Nebula Capsule is roughly the size and shape of a 12 fl oz soda can. Like the Mars, it feels very well-built. The top has a series of controls, including power, volume up/down, and the switch for speaker mode. On the side is the focus dial, and on the front is the projector lens. The bottom has a tripod screw mount.

Source : https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/04/14/anker-nebula-capsule-review-best-portable-projector-will-cost-you/

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