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These are some of the most luxurious second homes in the world. 

From secluded island bolt-holes to fantastically situated city escapes, the popularity of 'holiday homes' continues to rise.

Whether for business or pleasure, an island retreat offers a chance of real escapism and a chance to enjoy some untapped beauty. 

If you're looking for your own place in the sun, MailOnline Travel's top five of the most luxurious second-home locations are certain to inspire you.

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Sugar Hill, Sunwatch, St James, Barbados - £3.9million

Although many Barbadian homes are designed with reasonably modest-looking exteriors, don’t be fooled - these are some of most lavish and well-appointed houses in the world. 

Coveted for its winter sun, Barbados has developed a reputation as something of a celebrity playground, with the likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Roman Abramovich and the Rothschild family all having stayed on the island.

The views from the Sugar Hill villa are stunning, and Barbados is a popular retreat for the rich and famous and celebrities

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From a £4m 'cube' house in Ibiza to a Seychelles beach retreat: The world's priciest holiday home locations revealed (and what you can REALLY get for your money)
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