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Your weight fluctuates daily. In contrast to other apps Scelta compares weekly averages and shows your real weight progress!

If you have ever used a scale regularly you know this problem:

Your weight fluctuates from day to day and it’s difficult to say whether you gained weight, lost weight or just had a heavy day. Salty food, hydration status, sleep, stress, and hormonal fluctuations are just some of the many factors that can influence your weight heavily in the short term.

To know what’s really going on you need to compare averages to each other. – eg. the average of the last 14 days to the average of the 14 days before. The difference, also known as delta, between these time spans is a very informative indicator of what really happens to your body weight.

Scelta calculates this “scale delta“ for you and makes weight tracking approachable, meaningful, a lot of fun and incredibly motivating.

Data visualisation of the next generation:

• Your real progress: Scelta compares your average weight for the selected time span to the previous time span, eg. 7 days vs 7 days prior

• Linear regression instead of peaks and valleys: A line of best fit shows your actual weight trend graphically

• Reach your own goal: select eg. “- 1 lb per week” (or “- 0,5kg per week” depending on your local unit) and see at a glance how good you’re doing by taking a look at your adherence percentage

• Hear your weight: Swipe on the graph to see the exact value of a data point and its linear regression, hear and feel (on devices with Taptic Engine) the value of your weight entries (you’ve never seen, heard or felt your weight this way!)

• Scelta shows your total progress and how far you have come since you started your goal

• After setting a new goal (eg. a lean gaining phase after losing fat) you can still go back to older goals to see your previous progress

• See a graph of your goal adherence for every day since you first set your goal. Swiping on it reveals your weekly rate of weight change and how well you adhered to your goal in the 7, 14 oder 30 day average comparison on that day. There has never been anything like it before.

And because everything is more fun as a game:

• The RPG where you are the main character: Collect Scelta Points by reaching your own goal and level up

• Prolific story: Unlock many different achievements for your adhering to your weight adventure

• Online leader boards: Compete with your friends or users worldwide to see who accomplishes their personal weight goals best

Losing weight on a fat-loss diet, keeping your lean-gaining phase in check or if you’re just trying to maintain your current weight:

Weight Tracking has never been this fun!

What position will you reach with your personal progress in the leader boards?

Download Scelta now and try it today!

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