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With I/O 2018 just 12 days away, Google has updated the companion Android app for livestreamers and in-person attendees at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The app features a heavy dosage of Google’s latest Material Design stylings, while the client is simplified compared to previous years.

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The app has three sections, opening directly to the middle “Schedule” tab. There are also tabs up top for the three days of I/O 2018 and a fourth one titled “Agenda.” Notably, these are swipable for quick one-handed navigation even on the largest of devices.

Tapping the FAB on this screen slides up a top-rounded panel to filter sessions based on topic and types. Signing into the app from the top-left avatar allows users to star sessions they are interested in watching and get notifications, while attendees can reserve seating.

Tapping into a session reveals a BottomAppBar that features a share icon to the left and FAB for favoriting at the right.


Design-wise, the app makes heavy use of rounded dialog panels and buttons, much like Google’s recent stylings. Additionally, on the first two tabs, the status and app bar share the same color, resulting in a merged effect.

The app has a predominantly purplish-blue theme with both a colored bottom and navigation bar. The former is animated with text labels not appearing until you select the section.

Compared to last year’s client, the app is more straightforward thanks to only three tabs instead of five. The first tab is “Info” and specifically catered towards conference attendees, while the last “Maps” section provides an overview of the Mountain View venue with tents, restrooms, and dining areas highlighted.

Google I/O 2018 is available now via the Play Store.


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