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3d printed house Branch Technology Curve Appeal Exterior Rendering 01
A rendering of the Curve Appeal home.
Branch Technology

Constructing a home by hand can be both expensive and time-consuming, especially when the home features a custom design. Some homebuilders have chosen to automate part of the construction process instead.

A new architectural startup called Branch Technology uses 3D-printing robots that can construct parts for homes.

The company will build a prototype of its first home, designed by architecture firm WATG, this year in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Branch's machines will print the walls, roof, and interior architectural elements of the 1,0000-square-foot model over the span of a few months, and then a construction crew will assemble the components on-site.

Branch estimates that the production cost for printing the structure will be between $300,000 and $400,000, excluding finishing touches. But the company has not yet determined what the exact final price of the home will be.

The project's larger goal is to push the boundaries of 3D printing in construction.

Take a look at the home, called Curve Appeal, below.

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/home-3d-printer-robot-construction-branch-technology-2018-4

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