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In 1955, a young Indian was often pictured in group photos taken in Le Corbusier’s studio in Paris. Hovering behind Le Corbusier or at a drawing table discussion, it was hard to predict that half a century later, this young man would be as influential and dominant as the French master himself, if not on the world stage, at least in India. Balkrishna Doshi, along with Mumbai’s Charles Correa and Delhi’s Raj Rewal, has without a doubt been a remarkable force in Indian architecture since Independence.

In a career that has spanned almost seven decades, the slight man in the Paris studio used his international associations, working later with Louis Kahn at the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad, to cement a career in architecture after he returned to India in the 1950s. Obviously Mr. Doshi’s link to Le Corbusier was in itself sufficient to establish his place in Indian architectural history, but the artist in him emerged in diverse ways to give unusual direction to buildings being constructed by Doshi the architect.

In the six decades since then, Mr. Doshi has played the role of practitioner and educator, artist and teacher, producing buildings that were as much architectural as social and cultural — projects aligned to prevailing movements, as well as highly personal. “I learned from Le Corbusier to observe and react to climate, to tradition, to function, to structure, to economy and to the landscape,” he admits.

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