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Shiplap is becoming more and more popular for its durability, low-maintenance and charming look. What is shiplap and what is shiplap made of you may be wondering? Shiplap is a wooden material popular in the building of cabins, sheds and other countryside inspired buildings. They can be rough-sawn, made from pine wood or milled. You can recognize them by the distinctive rabbet joint spaces that make installation a breeze as it fits one into the other. They can be custom-made in color and size to suit your home development needs. What’s more is that it will set your home apart with its chic rustic influences accentuating the interior or exterior walls of your home.

What makes shiplap so beautiful and desirable is the fact that they definitely appeal to the romance-inspired and country loving folks. When you think of this form of home design you think of the countryside and free open spaces for the kids to play. Shiplap siding is commonly used because of its ability to seal properly, provide natural insulation and also keep moisture out. It is also very affordable and can estimate between $1 to $10 per square foot, but the price depends on the type of wood and how you'll color it in the end.

Here’s how you can make use of shiplap in the designing of your home:

Blending in with nature

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Shiplap siding is wonderful to use, robust and natural. They are great for theenvironment and fairly easy to install. This spa uses shiplap on the exteriorand it immediately gives it that natural ecological feel that spells “one withnature”.

Beautiful inside and out

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This spa retreat makes use of shiplap walls on the inside of the building as well as the outside. Whenusing it on the inside you can go ahead and have the wood panels stained orpainted to what you want. Here’s a perfect example of neutral and naturallybeautiful. Plus with the low maintenance to upkeep this material, it’s nowonder folks are making this their first choice for flooring, ceilings, andwalls.

Cozy does it

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Shiplap tends to exude that feeling of a cozy, comfortable atmosphere which is great for anyhome and in this instance the visitors to this health spa. The professional architects of thisspa made use of shiplap interior panels to create that relaxing environment.After all, being comfortable and stress-free is the goal of going to a spa.

Shiplap is versatileenough to use on drywall as well, which is how people are using it today as analternative to using it directly. However, many folks also prefer using shiplapon its own minus the drywall which is common for some interior walls. It isquick to install, makes less of a mess opposed to drywall and it can alsohandle wall hanging accessories much better than drywall can.

Beautifully natural shiplap ceiling

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Shiplap ceilings add a fantastic designer-look to any living space whether used outsideor inside. In this cozy cottage-like family home, the shiplap ceiling isnatural and complements the sunlight flowing in through the large glasswindows. This ceiling also makes an industrial design look even more unique,natural and very modern while complimenting the other textures in this space.

Cute and adorable with color

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This shiplap ceiling is gorgeous giving this home a cottage-doll-house feel and acts as anadditional cozy, sunny room. Designers made use of color to give it an evenmore unique signature look that sets it apart from the usual stained or whitepainted shiplap paneling.

Low maintenance shiplap flooring

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When you think of shiplap flooring, you immediately think of rustic charm and a naturalenvironment. This rustic feature as your flooring is great in kitchens as seenhere in this galley kitchen and works perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms and evenbathrooms. Shiplap flooring is easy to install DIY style, and can cost less thancertain flooring materials. 

You can’tdeny these beautiful shiplap ideas, pair it with this inspirational ideabook “10 cottages homes perfect for cozy living” and youcould be able to create a stunning cottages feel to your home!

Contact a homify professional and get the ideal color scheme andwall covering s to suit your home.

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